Tuesday, September 4, 2012

14 weeks

I have now hit the 14 week point of this pregnancy, as of Saturday, Sept 1.  Officially in my 2nd trimester, the Golden Trimester, supposedly.  So far it has sucked, slightly less than the first part, but still sucked.  So far, I have thrown up once, felt nauseous, and had a headache about everyday.  Luckily, I have better medication from my doctor to help. I woke up with a headache today, which turned into a migraine.  With the help of the meds and heat packs, they have taken enough of the edge off that I can function again.  Which is great, because I have some major cleaning to do here!  Lets just say, taking out the trash is NOT a happy job for a pregnant woman!  Not only does garbage smell enough on it's own, I have to walk it to the dumpster which smells like sewage and death. Bad bad combo!

On a happy note, This week baby T-Rex can can squint, frown, grimace, pee and maybe suck it's thumb!  It's reflexes are developing nicely!  T-Rex is about the size of a lemon, about 3 1/2 inches. :)  By the end of the week Yoda's (yes, baby will be referred to as T-Rex and Yoda) arms will be in proportion to it's big head!  It's legs still need a few more weeks, but they will get there :)    That's my baby over there <-----   :)  At 12 weeks.  It's my favorite ultrasound picture so far. :) I love that we can see it's head really well and it's little arms :)  It the big head and little arms picture that made me start calling it T-Rex.  Rawrrrrr!!!!

I have to go look at geckos now! My Violet girl needs a friend.  Thanks for listening everyone!!!! Hopefully I'll have the energy to have another recipe for you next post!  I'm thinking chocolate vegan cupcakes with (very not vegan) chocolate ganache frosting!  I'm not vegan, but these cupcakes are delicious and super simple to make! :D

Til next time my dears, Peace, Love and Chocolate Chips! :D 

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